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Experience Experience

With over 130 years combined corporate and oil field experience, Roya Resources is committed to developing the prolific resources of the California oil fields.

Advanced technology coupled with decades of experience form a team that can operate most efficiently, safely and provide superior returns from well designed and completed projects.

Projects are carefully selected based on the knowledge that our engineers and geologists have gained from real life experience. They have sought out, identified, and successfully exploited well locations in all places all over the U.S. Through the years, Lynn Blystone (Founder and President), Joseph Kandle (Petroleum Engineer), and Paul Hacker (Geologist) have proved themselves over and over when it comes to successfully finding and drilling wells that produce for years to come. Some of their successes include:

Oxnard Oil Prospect:   Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co. (1999-2010)

  • Built TVLYQ (OTCBB) with a 1999 market cap of $6M ($0.37/sh) into TIV (AMEX) with a 2005 market cap of $455M ($17.50/sh).
  • Identified 525 million barrels of reserves in Pliocene, Monterey Shale, Topanga, Sespe and Eocene; Added 65MB more found in TIV Leasehold Vaca Tar Sands.
  • Drilled 7 horizontals in Vaca Tar sand for SAGD development. TV Leasehold position with well tests up to 1000 barrels/day.  – (wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxnard_Oil_Field)

Oil King Prospect

  • Identified 250 Million Barrel Reserve; AERA- Now exploiting

Beer Nose Prospect

  • Identified 125 Million Barrel Reserve; Century Exploration, Now exploiting

Sunrise Prospect

  • Identified 3 Trillion cf Gas in Miocene Monterey Shale
  • Set California record with largest single stage frack at 1.3 million pounds

EKHO Prospect

  • Identified 2 Billion Barrel Field over 25,000 acre Lease Position, Occidental Petroleum now controls leases position
  • OXY claims 1 Trillion Barrels Oil In-Place for Monterey
  • Record: Drilled 13,000 ft in 13 days to set Protection String
  • Record: Drilled 19,085 ft in 85 days, cored set casing & completed in 105 days
  • Record: Successfully fracked below 18,0000 ft with 120,000 lbs frac sand

Drilling rig