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We Work In The Heart Of the Oilfields

Understandably, the 3,000 square mile area around Bakersfield hosting multi-billion barrel producers and scores of smaller fields are essentially dominated by major oil companies such as Aera Energy LLC (ExxonMobil/ Shell), Chevron, etc.  Occidental Petroleum alone controls more than 2 million acres of land and minerals.  However, there are many, many smaller areas perfect for niche players.  Remember, every million recoverable barrels in a prospect target represents $100 million of future undiscounted, unescalated gross income and Roya’s inventory of targets range from 5 million to 200 million recoverable barrels.  Roya is playing in a different, but on trend,  prospective 3,000 square mile under explored, so far ignored, area resulting in far less expensive access costs and potentially much more favorable to investors.

Roya has available advanced technology to identify, drill and produce its prospects.  The risk is further mitigated by favorable tax treatment  for exploration investment.  Money that would otherwise go to the government to be lost forever, can expose investors to potential multiple, long term returns.  100 year producing wells are not uncommon.

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Located In Bakersfield California

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