West Jasmin Extension Prospect


The Jedessa No.1 exploratory appraisal well is looking for 15 million barrels recoverable in a 2000 acre lease approximately 20 miles north of Bakersfield and on trend with the 2 billion barrel Kern River Field and the 90 million barrel Poso Creek Field. Offset wells have cored oil sand and there are favorable geophysics and [...]

Vista Del Plano Prospect


A further north trend play in the 10,000+ acres range looking for 75 million barrels with a possible 150 million barrels of high quality, light oil if the formation is a water drive. Favorable geochemical survey and geophysical data support the geology of this shallow, stratigraphic project. There could be more than 1,000+ locations on [...]

San Petardo Prospect


The Salinas Valley west of the San Joaquin Valley is home to the billion barrels in place San Ardo heavy oil field operated by Aera Energy (Exxon Mobil/Shell) and Chevron along with a few smaller fields. Roya has idenified a stratigraphic closure of approximately 1,800 acres that could hold 400-MMBO in-place and could yield 200 [...]